Christian Community Service Projects


& safety

Our kids' safety expert can baby-proof your home in one day. Find out how it works. 

Love & marriage

Partnership is a two-way street. Find out how to share the responsibility in parenting.

     Our mission statement is:
"To address the physical and spiritual needs of people in the San Luis Valley Community in the name of Christ by helping them to rebuild and improve their lives."

"Each project was different and each offer us to see Christ present in each family and hopefully they saw Christ in each of us.  There was a connection far greater than the work we performed.  A deeper sense of community and God's presence."

"The highlight of my week was how thankful everyone was for what seemed like menial tasks to us."

See what the participants that come to serve are saying about CCSP

"I think our projects were well organized"

"The highlight of my week was watching people's faces as we worked on their houses and seeing the joy of those we serve."

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